That’s Why I Love Him

What about my sinful past?
And my conscience has no rest.
Deep within I feel the pain.
I’m condemned from all my guilty stains.
O my life of misery,
In this world of vanity,
As I searched for happiness,
My reward I received just emptiness.
God was far away from me,
Great and highest One is He.
Yet You took on humanity.
You came for me,
Hung on a tree,
Bled there to die for me.
  That’s why I love Him.
That’s why I treasure Him.
That’s why I give my life and all to Him.
That’s why I love Him.
That’s why I treasure Him.
That’s why I give my life and all to Him.

General Santos, Sarangani, Philippines

Lord, how I thank You...and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


Siquijor, Philippines

Makatandog jud ni nga hym... Salamat Ginoo sa imong gugma namo.. Oh Ginoong Hesus..


NY, United States

This song really touches me especially when I am feeling down about myself. He allows us to confess our sins so that we do not have anymore guilty stains. And He even died for me. That is why I love Him.


Irvine, CA, United States

This is a really touching and powerful song!

O Lord!

That's why I love You!!

I love You, Triune God!!!



United States

I feel really encouraged by this song. He bled for ME. For the longest time I felt hopeless because I was just so sinful, how could God possibly love such a sinner? But He loved us so much He died for me. That's why I love Him.

Patricia Wang

Fresh Meadow, NY, United States

The Lord's love surpasses all we know and all we will ever know. What can we say but Lord Jesus, we want to love You with our best love.

Helena Munasque


I want to love, treasure, and give my life and all to the Lord because He came and died for me. Amen.

Wendy :D

MD, United States

Praise the Lord saints! This is the loving God we have. Lord, I give my life and all to You!

Ernjay Kim

Iligan City, Philippines

It really touches my heart to love the Lord more. It moves me to its highest sense, to such an extent that I found myself crying. I don't know why, maybe because it reflects the story of my life (first two paragraphs) before. Until the time that the Lord revealed Himself. He is the great God, the highest One yet He took on humanity. He was hung on a tree. He died there just for me. I am a sinner yet He came for me. He bore all my sins. He is the eternal God yet He chose to be limited by time and space to save me. The Lord shows us how great His love toward us. He loved us to such an extent that He died for us.--That's why I love Him. That's why I treasure Him. That's why I give my life and all to Him.

No Name


Lord, we love You. I enjoy the song and feel so good that there are so many of us loving Him.