Oh, how dark the night that wrapt my spirit round

Oh, how dark the night that wrapt my spirit round!
Oh, how deep the woe my Savior found
When He walked across the waters of my soul,
Bade my night disperse and made me whole!
  All the way to Calvary He went for me,
  He went for me, He went for me;
All the way to Calvary He went for me,
    He died to set me free.
Tremblingly a sinner bowed before His face,
Naught I knew of pardon, God’s free grace;
Heard a voice so melting, “Cease thy wild regret,
Jesus bought thy pardon, paid thy debt.”
O ’twas wondrous love the Savior showed for me!
When He left His throne for Calvary,
When He bore my trespass, bore it all alone;
Praise His Name forever, make it known.
Brooks Phillips

Lubbock, Texas, United States

May we never forget that the Lord died to set us free! Praise him Name forever, make it known


Aba, Abia, Nigeria

The stanzas are forgotten by many. Thanks for such redemption song in full stanza

Cody Enderli

San Marcos, TX, United States

Thank You Glorious Father! We will Praise Your Name forever!

Thelma Banks

Ajah, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria

One of the best hymns ever! Will always love it. Thanks a ton!


Auckland, New Zealand

Praise Our Almighty God for these beautiful wonderful songs.

It's good to once again feel, see and appreciate the world and all that God creates through the eyes of a child.


Riyadh, Ksa, Aloran, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

"God's love for me is immeasurable."

Allison McArver

Vale, North Carolina, United States

It reminds me what our Lord went through.

Let us also sing another hymn, hymn 680. Both the verses and the chorus are very well written. This hymn is suitable for both the young and old. But to sing this song you need to become young again; otherwise, you will not sense the flavor of the words, "Oh love, wonderful love!" When you come to the chorus of the second verse, you should sing it softly:

He suffered crucifixion, what mercy to me,

Mercy to me, mercy to me;

He suffered crucifixion, what mercy to me,

He died to set me free.

Chinese Hymns, #680