The image of the Father God

The image of the Father God,
  Lord, we behold in Thee;
The fulness of the Godhead true
  In Thee dwells bodily.
Lord, Thou art God’s eternal Word
  With life divine in Thee;
In Thee His grace we all receive
  With His reality.
Effulgence of God’s glory true,
  The Son of God art Thou;
The very substance of Himself
  In Thee we all avow.
Embodiment of God Thou art,
  And with Him ever one;
In Thee is God expressed to us
  Beyond comparison.
God we enjoy in Thee, dear Lord,
  As life and everything;
To Thee and God our heartfelt thanks
  And praise we’ll ever bring.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

Ana Lara

Storrs, Connecticut, United States

George Nelson Allen was born in Mansfield, Mass. , September 7, 1812, and lived at Oberlin, OH. It was there he composed the tune named “Maitland, ” and compiled the Social and Sabbath Hymn-book— besides songs for the Western Bell, published by Oliver Ditson and Co. He died in Cincinnati, December 9, 1877.

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