The love of Christ is Christ Himself

  The love of Christ is Christ Himself.
Just as Christ is immeasurable,
So also is His love;
Hence, it is knowledge surpassing.
Yet we can know it by experiencing it.
  When Christ makes His home in our hearts,
And when we are full of strength to apprehend
With all the saints the dimensions of Christ
And to know by experience His knowledge surpassing love,
We will be filled unto all the fullness of God,
Which is the church, the corporate expression of God
For the fulfillment of His intention.




Great Neck, New York, United States

I really enjoyed this point that we need to be those that love the Lord; that way, He can make His home in our hearts to gain His corporate expression, His deepest heart's desire. Lord, make Your home in our hearts more today!

Michael Cris Servas


very good hymn.

Chris Ingayan

Manila, NCR, Philippines

I like this hymn because it reminds me that the love of Christ is not apart from Himself. The love of Christ is Christ Himself. Love is Christ. Christ is love. Amen.