Thou hast said Thou art the Vine, Lord

On one hand, we should not be afraid to let others serve, but on the other hand, we should watch them; that is, we must oversee. Sometimes Brother Nee did not correct me directly; instead, he would speak to Sister Ruth Lee. One Lord's Day morning I spoke on abiding in the Lord. After the message Brother Nee told Sister Lee, "Concerning abiding in the Lord, the word abiding is not so important, but the word in is very important. You must see in; otherwise, regardless of how hard you try, you cannot abide. Only when you see that you are in the Lord can you abide in the Lord." Sister Lee received much benefit from this. Brother Nee knew that I had contact with Sister Lee and that she would convey his word to me. Later, Brother Nee wrote a hymn concerning the vine (Hymns, #561), in which the vine typifies our being in Christ. The light of the truth in this hymn is very clear. Once we see that we are "in," we can do nothing but abide, because we are already in the Lord. If we do not see that we are already in the Lord, we will be unable to abide, no matter what we do.