Christ the Preeminent

It is no longer I who live,
But it is Christ who lives in me;
No longer I, yet in me lives
Christ the Preeminent.
Christ makes His home now in our hearts—
He makes His home in us through faith;
Spread into all our inward parts,
Christ the Preeminent.
As always, even now, yes, now,
Christ will be magnified in me;
Through life or death I would express
Christ the Preeminent.
The hope of glory—Christ in us,
Indwelling us our hope to be,
To be our life, our love, our all—
Christ the Preeminent.
Nelson K

Norwich, United Kingdom

Dear FTTA Class of Fall 2019,

"In this Christ we are made perfect, complete. In Him we do not lack anything. Do not talk about how much you lack. Because you are in Christ, you lack nothing. In Him is the fullness, the perfection, the completion. Actually, He Himself is the fullness, perfection, and completion. Because we are in Him, we are complete and perfect; we lack nothing. We are those who possess the riches of Christ." (Life-study of Colossians, message 22)

Eleanor Wakou

Austin, Texas, United States

As always, even now, yes, now! CHRIST will be MAGNIFIED in me! Through life or death I would express: Christ the Preeminent!

Wow! This song really gets you into your spirit!