The Shepherd of Our Souls

O Christ, to You we have returned,
The Shepherd of our souls;
Who bore our sins upon the tree
To heal and make us whole.
To You who give eternal life,
Good Shepherd, we give thanks;
You know our names—as we Your voice—
And hold us in Your hands.
From many “folds” You led us out,
To be one flock divine;
Our Shepherd, Door, our Pasture too,
Through You real rest we find.
Dear Lamb, our Shepherd on the throne,
You guide us all the way
To springs of waters, founts of life;
Each tear You wipe away.
Jesus, Great Shepherd of the Church,
How faithful is Your care—
Inclusive, gentle, rich, and strong,
Both present and fore’er.
Grant us a shepherd’s heart, like Yours,
With tenderest concern;
To feed Your sheep, to nurse Your lambs,
Of You we all will learn.
May we be carers of men’s souls,
With You, Chief Shepherd dear;
A crown of glory we’ll receive,
The hour when You appear.