O Jesus Christ, grow Thou in me

O Jesus Christ, grow Thou in me,
  And all things else recede;
My heart be daily nearer Thee,
  From sin be daily freed.
  Each day let Thy supporting might
  My weakness still embrace;
My darkness vanish in Thy light,
    Thy life my death efface.
In Thy bright beams which on me fall,
  Fade every evil thought;
That I am nothing, Thou art all,
  I would be daily taught.
More of Thy glory let me see,
  Thou Holy, Wise, and True;
I would Thy living image be,
  In joy and sorrow too.
Fill me with gladness from above,
  Hold me by strength divine;
Lord, let the glow of Thy great love
  Through all my being shine.
Make this poor self grow less and less,
  Be Thou my life and aim;
Oh, make me daily through Thy grace
  More meet to bear Thy name.
Silvia Stadler

Salzburg, Austria

Halleluja, HIS life is victorious! No matter how weak we are. It is HIS life that makes the difference. In HIS life we are made overcomers. What a wonderful God we have. The one who dispenses HIS life in us. Oh Lord Jesus, I love You.

Oguntola Funsho

Lagos, Nigeria

Only the Lord's Spirit our spirit can cry with such utterance. In my failures, Its a hymn of comfort for me, assuring me that God will eventually save me to the uttermost.

Tony Chiang

Los Angeles, California, United States

Hallelujah for such a one. We sin, but in Him we can be daily freed. We are weak, but He is our supporting might. We are in darkness, but He is our light. We are dead, but He is life. We are nothing, but He is all. What a privilege to have such a One in us. Lord, grow more in me each day.

Amos Kimani

Naivasha, Nakuru, Kenya

Jesus grow within me and let my self grow less is my daily prayer. And we grow in Him by eating Jesus daily. It is not by doctrines or knowledge but by eating Jesus. Saints let embrace Jesus in our life daily.

Thanh Le

San Francisco, California, United States

When I sing this hymn, I enjoy Lord so much. I feel Lord’s life, light, joy, supporting might grow in me. Hallelujah Amen!

Amos Kimani

Nairobi, Nyandarua, Kenya

Praise the Lord!! It is yet another day we are praying that Jesus Christ to grow in us. Through growth in Christ we can be renewed and transformed to make us ready for be built together to be eternal habitation of God. Amen Lord Jesus for Your selection and choosing such as we to share with You Your glory.

Amos Kimani

Nairobi, Nyandarua, Kenya

This is a wonderful hymn. We need to allow Jesus Christ to grow in us. Let all us recede. It has been my daily prayer and am being transformed day after day. My daily life I must involve Jesus Christ in everything. Churches in Kenya greet all the saints in other localities in the World.

Spencer Schwarz

San Diego, CA, United States

During my first two years in the church life, I sang this hymn 395 EVERY SINGLE DAY. Praise Him!

Isaac Wang


Each time I sing this hymn I always got touched and cry. This hymn is the echo from the innermost being of the song writer. Amen!

Robin Boswell

Oklahoma, United States

This hymn is beautiful! "Hold me by strength divine". I enjoyed we are being held by strength DIVINE. I try to hold myself. We have a divine strength holding us! How wonderful!