Teach me Thy way, O Lord

Teach me Thy way, O Lord,
  Teach me Thy way;
Thy gracious aid afford,
  Teach me Thy way.
Help me to walk aright;
More by faith, less by sight;
Lead me with heav’nly light,
  Teach me Thy way.
When doubts and fears arise,
  Teach me Thy way;
When storms o’erspread the skies,
  Teach me Thy way.
Shine through the cloud and rain,
Through sorrow, toil, and pain;
Make Thou my pathway plain,
  Teach me Thy way.
Long as my life shall last,
  Teach me Thy way;
Where’er my lot be cast,
  Teach me Thy way.
Until the race is run,
Until the journey’s done,
Until the crown is won,
  Teach me Thy way.
Brian Lowrie


Was just praying and this old hymn I not sung for many years came into my mind. Tried to sing it to the Lord, so had to look it up. A great theme of God's faithfulness. Been ill for 15 months, now the Lord is bringing me through! What a great God we serve. The Lord has all His children carefully in His hands. Isa 419-13

Ann Barclay New Wiggins.

Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia

I remember this hymn as our camp hymn at St Gabriel's church camp in Sunderland. England.

Russ Wood


Remember this song from many years ago when I was a choir boy at St Gabriel’s Church in Sunderland. Beautiful hymn with a lot of meaning.

Trung Tin

Hanoi, Vietnam

A different second verse from Vietnamese hymn book. I believe it flows much better than the second verse here.

2. When I am sad at heart,

Teach me Thy way!

When earthly joys depart,

Teach me Thy way!

In hours of loneliness,

In times of dire distress,

In failure or success,

Teach me Thy way!

Vali Balla


Long as my life shall last,

Teach me Thy way;

Where'er my lot be cast,

Teach me Thy way.

Until the race is run,

Until the journey's done,

Until the crown is won,

Teach me Thy way.

William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

I remember singing this right before we fell asleep.. during our sleepover at UCSB with the brothers :)

More by faith less by sight

Lord, teach us Thy ways.



Chinese translation

一 求主教我認識你的道路,





二 勿讓憂疑越過你的道路,





三 此生久暫全在你的定奪,





Sharon Holl

Orangevale, California, United States

At 72 this song came to mind in my quiet time. I think I was 18 when I first heard it. Thank you fellow believers for sharing.



As I woke up this morning this song was on my heart. I could not recall all the lyrics so I quickly looked it up in my hymn book. It was not in the book. So I did a Google search and found it. Amazing how technology is creating quick solutions.

Frances Cullen

Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Wonderful to find this on the internet - not in any of my hymn- or songbooks. Don't sing it nowadays, there are all new and syncopated songs. It was going round my head and I couldn't remember all the words.

However as the pianist has now been playing it endlessly for the past 10 minutes without flagging, I think I'll have to pull him gently off the piano stool... You can get too much of a good thing!