O Jesus Christ, grow Thou in me

O Jesus Christ, grow Thou in me,
  And all things else recede;
My heart be daily nearer Thee,
  From sin be daily freed.
  Each day let Thy supporting might
  My weakness still embrace;
My darkness vanish in Thy light,
    Thy life my death efface.
In Thy bright beams which on me fall,
  Fade every evil thought;
That I am nothing, Thou art all,
  I would be daily taught.
More of Thy glory let me see,
  Thou Holy, Wise, and True;
I would Thy living image be,
  In joy and sorrow too.
Fill me with gladness from above,
  Hold me by strength divine;
Lord, let the glow of Thy great love
  Through all my being shine.
Make this poor self grow less and less,
  Be Thou my life and aim;
Oh, make me daily through Thy grace
  More meet to bear Thy name.

Leduc, AB, Canada

That I am nothing; Lord, Thou art all. I would be daily taught. Amen.. Oh Lord Jesus, I love You...


Phoenix, Arizona, United States

This is really my need. "Fill me with gladness from above, Hold me by strength divine, Lord, let the glow of Thy great love, Through all my being shine."

The Lord is knocking, if we open He comes in to make HIs home, but this Gentlemen will seek our cooperation with every alternation to our heart, with ever door within the heart. May we "let the glow of Thy great love" melt us so His every desire becomes ours as well.


Columbus, OH, United States

Make this poor self grow less and less and let the Yourself thru all my being shine!

Lisa Chiang

Los Angeles, California, United States

Oh, make me daily through Thy grace more meet to bear Thy name.

No one can bear a name unless he is the person of that name. In order to be more meet to bear our Lord's name, the Lord needs to grow more in us and become our person. Each day, Lord keep me beholding You and gazing into Your eyes. Infuse me with Your grace and efface all my darkness in Your light.

Gareth Staddon Sinclair

Rugby, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

This Hymn has been my prayer for years and, true to His word and in accordance with His hearts desire, the Lord has and is growing in me as I know He is in all of His seeking children.

God wants to marry man!

Oh how I love Him.

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

This beautiful Swiss hymn was penned by the 12th child of a Zurich doctor. Johann possessed a gifted mind, and he eventually became a leading pastor in his native city. Unfortunately, Zurich became caught up in the trauma of the French Revolution, and in April , 1779, invading French troops deported some of the city's leading citizens. Johann protested this action from his pulpit, and as a result he, too, was seized and banished. He returned to Zurich on Aug 16, 1799, but 5 weeks later was shot by a drunken French officer. He never recovered from his wounds, dying nearly 2 years later, but he left behind a deeply meaningful body of hymnology (700 hymns), including this musical prayer for spiritual growth. - Near to the Heart of God: Meditations on 366 Best-Loved Hymns by Robert J. Morgan


This hymn was translated by Elizabeth Lee Smith, née Allen, daughter of Dr. W. Allen, President of Dartmouth and later Bowdoin Universities, was born in 1817, and married in 1843 to Dr. H. B. Smith, who became Professor in Union Theological Seminary, New York, in 1850, and died in 1877. - Dictionary of Hymnology by Julian


This hymn is usually sung to the tune of "According to Thy gracious word" #214 with the chorus as the 2nd stanza. It is harder to sing to tune 214, but it gives a different effect, letting the prayers of each stanza stick with you.


Greater Accra, Ghana

In sufferings Lord make me more meet to bear Thy name, in joy and sorrow too.

Sunil G Thomas

Houston, TX, United States

Sang and enjoyed this day at our home meeting.

Efren Mazo

Sydney, NSW, Australia

“The birth of Isaac was the coming of Jehovah, which was the coming of grace (cf. John 1:17). Isaac was born by the strength of God’s grace, not by the strength of man’s natural life. This took place after Abraham had been circumcised and he and his wife, Sarah, had become completely deadened (Gen. 18:11; Rom. 4:18-19), signifying that the time of life, the time when Christ will be life to us, will come after our natural strength has been terminated. (Gen. 18:14, footnote 1)”

Excerpt From: Lee, Witness. “The Holy Word for Morning Revival - Crystallization-Study of Genesis, Volume 4.” Living Stream Ministry.


Elmont, New York

This hymn expresses my desire to grow in The Lord Jesus and to enjoy Him regardless of my feelings and circumstances. Lord I pray that for the sake of Your testimony You will increase in me and I may decrease. Oh Lord Jesus grow in me.. I love You, Lord.