O God! we see Thee in the Lamb

O God! we see Thee in the Lamb
To be our hope, our joy, our rest;
The glories that compose Thy name
Standing engaged to make us blest.
Thou great and good! Thou just and wise!
Hail! as our Father and our God!
For we are Thine by sacred ties,
Thy sons and daughters—bought with blood.
Then, Oh! to us this grace afford,
That far from Thee we ne’er may move;
Our guard—the presence of the Lord;
Our joy—Thy perfect present love.
This gives us ever to rejoice,
Turning to light our darkest days;
And lifts on high each feeble voice,
While we have breath to pray or praise.
carol s tusomi

Puna, Hawaii, United States

These old songs bring sweetness to my ears and soul, because the word says in the last days man's heart will turn wax cold.