Of all the gifts Thy love bestows

Of all the gifts Thy love bestows,
  Thou Giver of all good.
E’en heav’n itself no richer knows
  Than Jesus and His blood.
Faith, too, that trusts in Him through grace,
  From that same love we gain;
Else, sweetly as it suits our case,
  The gift had been in vain.
We praise Thee, and would praise Thee more,
  To Thee our all we owe:
The precious Savior, and the power
  That makes Him precious too.

This hymn speaks of the vastness of God's riches. We have to wait until that day before we can fully prove the value of God's love. Some people think that it is good enough for God to give us heaven. However, heaven is not the best thing that a person can have. If a man is just satisfied with heaven, he is limiting God's love. He is in reality limiting God's love to heaven. Some people say that they will be satisfied with a small corner in heaven. These people are limiting God's love to a small corner. However, our God is not stingy. His grace is abundant, both in the past and the present and in the future as well. God sends the rain and the wind in free and full measure. God does not mind giving us a little more than we need. If God were to exercise restriction, it would be a terrible thing for us.