Far above all is our Savior enthroned

Far above all is our Savior enthroned;
Crown’d is the Lamb who by sinners is owned,
Living forever to list to our call,
God hath exalted Him far above all.
  Far above all! Far above all!
Jesus the crucified far above all!
High as His members upon Him we call,
  God hath exalted Him far above all!
When the fierce tempest, uplifting its waves,
Seeks to engulf us, we cry and He saves;
Looking to Jesus, upheld by His hand,
Tread we the billows as safe as on land.
High are the cities that dare our assault,
Strong are the barriers that call us to halt;
March we on fearless, and down they must fall,
Vanquish’d by faith in Him far above all.
His is the kingdom from pole unto pole,
Far above all while the ages shall roll,
With Him the victors, who follow’d His call,
Share in His royalty far above all.
William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

One day we will sing this hymn like this:

High are the cities that dared our assault,

Strong are the barriers that called us to halt;

March we on fearless, and down they must fall,

Vanquished by faith, IN HIM, far above all!

Lori Langdon

Surfside Beach, United States

Regarding Ernest's comment, I remember singing the refrain "low at His footstool, adoring, we fall, God hath exalted, Him, far above all."



“Though all ranks of creatures to the CENTRAL HEIGHTS———“

Glenna Herron

Odessa, TX, United States

Rev 17:14 These will make war with the Lamb and He will overcome them for He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings, and they who are with Him, the called and chosen and faithful, will also overcome them. He IS Lord above all. Amen.



Jason Ramirez Gutierrez

Bakersfield, California, United States

I really like this song when it comes together corporately it has hope and power it gives me the ability to be embraced in the hope of Christ's power.


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Thanks for the hymn. I remember to have sung this in Brethren Assembly in Fort Bombay 57 years ago. But with the words as Far above all Far above all Jesus the crucified far above all. At HIS Footstool Adoring we fall God has exalted Him Far above all. If any one has sung this please let us hear it sung. The song is sung in my mind and aloud by mouth when I am alone. I am 88 years old, enjoy it.

Kiyoshi Xhiro

Harajuku, Japan

Amen ✊🏻

Andrea Villanueva

WA, United States

This song has been running thru me for days as we have been reading about “The Spiritual Warfare of the Church as the New Man. ” As Lovers and receivers of All that Christ IS and has obtained and attained on our behalf, I believe it is His delight to “Always lead us in triumph. ” Through His cross and By our corporate spirit we experience daily His Victory and exalted position over death, sin and the devil! When We, prepared as a Bride, descend with Him from the highest heaven to restore righteousness to the earth, I imagine our part to be the greatest totality of praises and Hallelujahs ever to resound thru the portals of time and space!


Mansfield, United States

It is super cooool.

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