God has forgiven all my sins

God has forgiven all my sins;
Behind His back they all are cast.
He’ll never call to mind again
The sins He vanquished in the past.
  God has forgiven all my sins,
And as a gloomy cloud is blown,
My sins are vanished all away!
No more will they be seen or known.
My sins were like a heavy stone
God cast and buried in the sea.
As east so far from west is thrown,
My sins have been removed from me!

Frezno, United States

I love hymnals because it's the best Christian music ever.😇â˜ēđŸ˜ĸ😃😴😴💖💖💖✌🙇đŸ‘ŧđŸ˜ŋđŸ˜ē


California, United States

This is the tune for Sometime, Sometime We'll Understand.

Keith Aughenbaugh

Saipan, MP, United States

It reminds me that Our Lord is a forgiving God!