I Look Away From My Crippled Feet!

When I fell and was made lame,
My dear King Jesus came;
He searched for me and said, “Where is he?”
When I fell on my face,
He said, “Do not be afraid;
I will surely show kindness to thee.”
  I look away from my crippled feet!
I enjoy His riches of kindness!
I eat food at His table continually!
For by grace I have been saved!
Mercy reached me!
I don’t look at my crippled feet;
I enjoy the presence of my King!
How can a dead dog like me
Be prepared unto glory?
Oh, I’m a vessel of mercy!
I can’t despise the riches
Of His kindness.
He’s leading me to repentance!
Maurice Ward

Columbus, Ohio, United States

What point is there to keep looking at our crippled feet? Look away! Enjoy His rich presence