God has forgiven all my sins

God has forgiven all my sins;
Behind His back they all are cast.
He'll never call to mind again
The sins He vanquished in the past.
  God has forgiven all my sins,
And as a gloomy cloud is blown,
My sins are vanished all away!
No more will they be seen or known.
My sins were like a heavy stone
God cast and buried in the sea.
As east so far from west is thrown,
My sins have been removed from me!
Jean Patience

Kolwezi, Lualaba, Democratic Republic Of Congo

My sins have been removed from me. Glory to the KING JESUS CHRIST.



Thank You, Thank You Jesus!! Praise the LORD :)


Frezno, United States

I love hymnals because it's the best Christian music ever.😇☺😢😃😴😴💖💖💖✌🙇👼😿😺


California, United States

This is the tune for Sometime, Sometime We'll Understand.

Keith Aughenbaugh

Saipan, MP, United States

It reminds me that Our Lord is a forgiving God!