Lord, You are more precious than silver

Lord, You are more precious than silver;
Lord, You are more costly than gold;
Lord, You are more beautiful than diamonds;
And nothing I desire compares with You.
Lord, Your life is divine, eternal.
Lord, Your life regenerated me.
Lord, Your life is growing within me,
Until I am fully conformed to Thee.
Lord, Your love is wide as the ocean.
Lord, Your love is deep as the sea.
Lord, Your love encompasses the nations,
And that is all I want to live in me.
Lord, Your light is shining within us;
Lord, Your light drives darkness away.
Lord, Your light is guiding us onwards,
Preparing us for the coming wedding day.
William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

Recently this song made me realize that, my valuation of Christ is still too low. Too many other things replace my love for the Lord. But I was freshly reminded that our dear Lord Jesus loved us so much - to the point that He gave Himself up for us. It is because of this great love, that instead of death, we are met with life everlasting. Nothing compares to this love!! Lord, nothing we desire compares to You.

Paullah Leopoldo


I've just recently come across this song, and it really rekindled my love for the Lord as I was slowly drifting back into the world. I'm sure this will be a song to come back to whenever trying times come. Thank You Lord for continuing to sustain us by drawing us with Your love and attracting us with Your preciousness!

Rose Muller

Houston, Texas, United States

This song satisfies a deep desire to give honor and praise to God! It creates a fire in my soul, I want to burst forth with love for Him! OH God, how we love You, let us love You more. Amen.


Lagos, Nigeria

Wow! Lord your life is growing in me until I'm fully conformed to thee. This is a great lyrics. There are still company of saints out here that has not bow down to Bal/world and devil. Thank you Father. Please let's keep this reality of the truth in this song in our hearts. There is something God is preparing for those that love him. (Eyes have not seen nor heard)..... Love you all

Cody Enderli

San Marcos, TX, United States

Nothing I desire compares to thee!

Elizabeth Anne Fixsen

Savage, MD, United States

Lynn DeShazo should be given credit for the chorus lyrics and the melody. Who composed the other verses?

Angela Oliva

Fullerton, CA, United States

Lord keep growing in us

Until we are fully conformed to Thee!

Amelie Kralemann

Berlin, Germany

Oh Lord, I can't believe that You love me.

How I wish to love You as much as You love me.

Oh Lord, I can not live without You.

Let me spent evey second with You, not seeing anyone else but You.

Maisha Parkar

United States

Lord, Your love is wider than the ocean.

Lord, Your love is deeper than the sea.

Lord, Your love encompasses all nations,

And that is all I want to live in me.


Oelwein, Iowa, United States

Lord, You are more precious than life to me!