Thou art fairer than the morning

Thou art fairer than the morning,
  O my Savior and my King!
Of Thy grandeur and Thy beauty,
  How my soul delights to sing.
  Thou art fairer than the morning,
Thou art brighter, brighter than the day;
At the glory of Thy presence
  Clouds and darkness flee away.
Clothed in light as with a garment,
  Crowned with majesty divine,
Lo, the scepter of dominion
  Now and ever, Lord, is Thine.
O the greatness of Thy mercy,
  And the richness of Thy grace!
O the love that in Thy kingdom
  Is preparing me a place!
When at last I reach the kingdom,
  Win the crown, the battle o’er,
With ten thousand times ten thousand
  I shall sing forevermore.

Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh

inspiring song nice...