Let me love and not be requited

  Let me love and not be requited.
Let me serve and not be rewarded.
Let me labor and not be remembered.
Let me suffer and not be regarded.
  Let me pour wine, while I drink not.
Let me break bread, while I keep not,
Pour my life out that others be blessèd,
Be in suff'ring that they be contented.
  None to pity me or care for me,
None to praise me or to console me.
I would rather be desolate, wretched,
Lonely, friendless, and wrongly treated.
  With my blood and tears pay the price to gain the crown,
Suffer loss that I might a pilgrim's life live out,
For, Lord, this is how You lived Your life
    when You walked on this earthly sphere,
Gladly bore all loss that those who drew near
Could be freed from all suffering and fear.
  I know not how far the future lies ahead.
On this path of no retreating I am led.
So, Lord, let me now learn from Your perfect pattern,
Suff'ring wrong, no resentment in return.
  May You in this difficult, tedious day,
All my tears shed in secret wipe away;
Learning You are my only solacement,
And let my life for others' joy be spent.
David Tai

Costa Mesa

Lord Jesus, I love You. May I live in a way that You have lived. You are my only pattern.

Ben Herr

Cheyenne, WY, United States

Someone handed me a piece of paper 20 years ago. It was a nice poem then...this lyric is touching and supplying my very inner being today!


Leeds, United Kingdom

A sister shared this hymn with me today. I read it originally in Chinese. It just so touched my heart. I usually find the cross very heavy but things impossible with men are really possible for God.

Bright Jenst

Bangkok, Thailand

I really like this song, the only thing I am confuse is that there is a song that is officially from Watchman Nee. Maybe this is the new version. But I like the older version = =.

I will sing this song for the gospel and young people's meeting this week. I would use the older version lyrics.


Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

Just imagine how sweet are the church life, if all the saints choose this way, and together as the Body of Christ express Him abundantly. Oh Lord, our lives aren't ours. It's Yours. And our path should exactly is Your path, not ours.

Nancy Northrup

Crescent City, CA, United States

What a pattern for living! If all believers on the earth had this living, the unbelievers would see the glory of God: the love of God, expressed in the face of Jesus Christ, through multitudes of redeemed and transformed people who were one new man, Jesus, on the earth. This would be the answer to Jesus' prayer in John 17:21-23 that we all would be one in the Father's glory, that the world may believe.

Brent Lloyd Cabañog

Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

I really love this hymn. It really touches me. Amen!!! We serve the Lord without asking...


Lord, please let me love!

Dominador Manlusoc

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Christ is the love given to us by God and is the expression of His love towards us so also Christ love the church.


Ho Chi MInh, Vietnam

This song is is beautifully written. I love it so much. Thank God. Amen.