Let me love and not be requited

  Let me love and not be requited.
Let me serve and not be rewarded.
Let me labor and not be remembered.
Let me suffer and not be regarded.
  Let me pour wine, while I drink not.
Let me break bread, while I keep not,
Pour my life out that others be blessèd,
Be in suff'ring that they be contented.
  None to pity me or care for me,
None to praise me or to console me.
I would rather be desolate, wretched,
Lonely, friendless, and wrongly treated.
  With my blood and tears pay the price to gain the crown,
Suffer loss that I might a pilgrim's life live out,
For, Lord, this is how You lived Your life
    when You walked on this earthly sphere,
Gladly bore all loss that those who drew near
Could be freed from all suffering and fear.
  I know not how far the future lies ahead.
On this path of no retreating I am led.
So, Lord, let me now learn from Your perfect pattern,
Suff'ring wrong, no resentment in return.
  May You in this difficult, tedious day,
All my tears shed in secret wipe away;
Learning You are my only solacement,
And let my life for others' joy be spent.
Cheu Kok Hoong

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I must admit that before the Video Training on the Crystallization Studies of 2 Corinthians, my appreciation of this hymn is shallow, merely enjoying its beautiful tune and did not really see the depths of its lyrics. Now to me, this hymn reminds me of the patterns set before us- persons who are such marvelous examples of following the Lord until the end, not even sparing their soul-lives.

I would like to offer relevant Bible verses for your enjoyment and reflection:

"Always bearing about in the body the putting to death of Jesus that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body. For we who are alive are always being delivered unto death for Jesus' sake that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh. So then death operates in us, but life in you." 2 Corinthians 4:10-12.

May the Lord has a way to constitute many who love Him and are willing to come up to God's standard as new covenant ministers!

Filip S. Syrek

Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom

There was a time in my life when I was so pleased to listen to this song mainly because of a beautiful tune... As the time went by I began to see the words... More time have passed and I started to realize the deep meaning of those lyrics. Yet another long period of time and I became thrilled by the reality of the experience of the one who resigns himself utterly for the Lord and His work. Sweetest of all is the realization that the Lord had given me the way to become such a one who loves Him and loves His coming... I want Him to take me one step further into complete obedience unto Him... For Him I give my all, for Him I CHOOSE to suffer all injuries and loss for the benefit of His saints... For Him I choose to live a life that seeks others' blessing, a life loving and TRUE comfort giving... And truly, He knows that I cannot see how much farther I shall go, but still I press on knowing THERE IS NO RETURN. I love Him! His pattern is so perfect and true! I don't care to be respected when I love! I refuse to accept pity and concern... Losing ALL, my cost for a faithful pilgrim's life... Even now in the time of trial, I bow down and pray that He would wipe all my hidden tears away... I just want to waste myself upon the most beautiful One! Waste myself without reservation! Without holding back! Take me Lord and make me others' blessing! I choose You, and I am open to You. Don't allow me to choose by myself but be one with You for Your purpose!

Let me learn, o Lord, YOU ARE MY REWARD! Take away everything that occupies my heart - even the sweetest love and deepest care if they are not for You and Your church, Your Bride! I am willing to pay the price - let me Lord! Let me be such a one! Just let me... I don't care for anything and no one else. In Your hand I place my future, save me in Your Love!

Zoe Cabahug

Greensboro, NC, U.S.A.

I like this song very much. It tells me to just consecrate all my life to the Lord. Wherever He will lead me I will follow. I want to just serve Him with all of my being. In all trials we must just turn to the Lord for His guidance. We will not need anything but Him; He is our everything. Lord, I hope that You will lead Your pattern for me to follow. Amen!