To Calv'ry let our eyes be turned

To Calv'ry let our eyes be turned,
With Calv'ry love our hearts be burned;
For there in Calv'ry's awful hour,
Love conquered sin and Satan's pow'r.
Lord, turn our gaze upon Thy Cross,
Counting all else not gain but loss;
For this we pray, this is our plea—
Lord, keep our eyes on Calvary.
Steve Miller

Detroit, MI

Amy Carmichael was born in Ireland. Even though she was raised in a Christian home, as a child she was considered a wild Irish girl and a rebel. She received the Lord as a teenager during her boarding school years. Her strong disposition and determination led her to serve the Lord wherever she could. In 1892 she attended the Keswick Convention and became the first missionary supported by the Keswick Missionary Committee. The Keswick Convention began in 1875 in the Lake District of England "as a continuous week of meetings for the deepening of the spiritual life. Many important speakers were invited to take part, and a great number of people were helped to rededicate their lives, take up some form of Christian service in Britain, or go overseas as missionaries." ("Amy Carmichael" by Kathleen White 1986). Amy offered herself to the China Inland Mission but was refused due to health reasons. Determined not to forsake her calling, she first went on her own to Japan. After working strenuously for 15 mos. she was forced to take a rest and returned to England. In 1895 she left England for India where she eventually set up the Dohnavur Fellowship to rescue children who were forced into idol temple service. She served in India for 56 years. Amy Carmichael was a poet, hymn writer, author, and leader of the Dohnavur Fellowship. - Songs of the Spirit by Martin