Let me love and not be requited

  Let me love and not be requited.
Let me serve and not be rewarded.
Let me labor and not be remembered.
Let me suffer and not be regarded.
  Let me pour wine, while I drink not.
Let me break bread, while I keep not,
Pour my life out that others be blessèd,
Be in suff’ring that they be contented.
  None to pity me or care for me,
None to praise me or to console me.
I would rather be desolate, wretched,
Lonely, friendless, and wrongly treated.
  With my blood and tears pay the price to gain the crown,
Suffer loss that I might a pilgrim’s life live out,
For, Lord, this is how You lived Your life
    when You walked on this earthly sphere,
Gladly bore all loss that those who drew near
Could be freed from all suffering and fear.
  I know not how far the future lies ahead.
On this path of no retreating I am led.
So, Lord, let me now learn from Your perfect pattern,
Suff’ring wrong, no resentment in return.
  May You in this difficult, tedious day,
All my tears shed in secret wipe away;
Learning You are my only solacement,
And let my life for others’ joy be spent.

This song is beautiful, as it summarizes the Christian life. It speaks of the price we pay and the life we need to live to gain the crown. It is a constant reminder that the life we should live is not easy, but will be rewarded. I was wondering though why the lyrics were changed. I do think the song was more powerful with the other lyrics.

Joselito Cua

Zamboanga, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

This song reminds me of the way a consecrated Christian should live. It expresses the true essence of following and loving our Lord Jesus! It's not doing a heroic act or whatsoever, it's the love of Christ that constrains the believers to give their all to the Master. I pray many believers of Christ will see the pattern, the vision and the reality of a true believers in Christ Jesus, our Lord! Amen!

jul erving

Church In Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

Brothers, as Christians we must also be experience suffering like Bro. Watchman Nee. He offered his life for the glory of the risen Lord Jesus. Be glory to the Lord of lords. Amen.

Brother Mamay Pabillore

Ozamiz City, Missamis Occedintal, Philippines

"Saints, we need to remember this that

"when we do all the things which are ordered to us, we need to say 'WE ARE UNPROFITABLE SLAVES; WE HAVE DONE WHAT WE OUGHT TO HAVE DONE' (Luke 17:10). AMEN.


Austin, Texas, United States

There is not another hymn that touches the core of my being bringing forth tears generated from my spirit. The scripture says "Deep calleth unto deep"- I believe this is the reason my spirit is always deeply moved by this hymn, that is, because the writer brother Watchman Nee wrote it out of his divine human sufferings.

For our Lord's return a second time we too must follow His pattern, having a mind to suffer.

May the Lord at this time have His overcomers who being filled to the brim with grace live a life fully in resurrection.

Praise the Lord for the economy of God!

Isaiah Tor

Sydney, NSW, Australia

This hymn speaks of the depths of the crucified life to live out the Christ who has been processed in incarnation, human living, death and resurrection to become the Spirit as life to us in our spirit. It is not about being a "hero", it concerns particularly with the denial of the self according to the resurrection power of Christ in order that this Christ may be lived out by us. This hymn must be our daily experience, not in an ascetic spirit, but rather a matter of being continually one with Him, through the cross and by the Spirit, unto the reward of becoming utterly the same as He is in life, nature, function, expression, and constitution but not in the Godhead (Phil. 3:8-12).

rhea medellada

Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

i love this song because it reminds me that in my christian life i should not ask anything else in serving the Lord, Just love Him. Even if there are trials that comes in me, even people reject, even if many tears comes to me because of Him i should not be discourage. The loove of God will guide us. , "I CAN DO ALL THINGS IN HIM WHO IMPOWERS ME"

Elizabeth Hwang

I really love this song because it always reminds me that loving is not just to love Him alone. It tells me to love also other saints. That I count all things as loss, that I may gain Christ in all things!

Edna Kanabahita

Kampala, Uganda

When I came across this song, I was going through some dealings with the Lord. The more I gave it all to the Lord, the more I was not respected, rewarded, remembered or even rewarded. The more it became lonely, and even stepped upon. But praise the Lord that twas this life, that our Lord chose to live. O may I learn that He is my reward so that I may be others' blessings all my days.


As I sing this song my spirit really lifts me up and as I got in the middle of the song,my tears would fall. I just can feel how to really offer ourselves as living sacrifice to God. That even if we live a miserable life in serving Him,it is Him we gain and it is the most incredible thing that will happen,that is to live Christ and to die in order to gain Him. May the lord be gracious to us that we live the pattern set before us by our Lord Jesus. Oh Lord Jesus we really really love.