Let me love and not be requited

  Let me love and not be requited.
Let me serve and not be rewarded.
Let me labor and not be remembered.
Let me suffer and not be regarded.
  Let me pour wine, while I drink not.
Let me break bread, while I keep not,
Pour my life out that others be blessèd,
Be in suff’ring that they be contented.
  None to pity me or care for me,
None to praise me or to console me.
I would rather be desolate, wretched,
Lonely, friendless, and wrongly treated.
  With my blood and tears pay the price to gain the crown,
Suffer loss that I might a pilgrim’s life live out,
For, Lord, this is how You lived Your life
    when You walked on this earthly sphere,
Gladly bore all loss that those who drew near
Could be freed from all suffering and fear.
  I know not how far the future lies ahead.
On this path of no retreating I am led.
So, Lord, let me now learn from Your perfect pattern,
Suff’ring wrong, no resentment in return.
  May You in this difficult, tedious day,
All my tears shed in secret wipe away;
Learning You are my only solacement,
And let my life for others’ joy be spent.
Jianhe, Zhang

Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China

It is everything that was arranged by the Lord and we should open our heart to just follow it.

Sister C

DC Metro, Maryland, United States

I really appreciate the fellowship of the saints in the comments section. If not for these, I wouldn't have noticed the word "keep" so particularly. It's in both translations. It does sound strange at first. Why would brother Nee choose to say "keep" when he could just as well have said "eat?" In Matt. 26:26-29, the Lord broke bread and poured wine for the disciples, telling them that His blood was shed and His body was broken for them. The Lord Jesus as our perfect Pattern lived such a life, not caring for the drinking of earthly enjoyment. He willingly took the cup of suffering, that we might have the cup of blessing; He didn't care to "keep" (preserve) Himself, but to be fully broken, that we all might partake of and enjoy Him as the living bread which came down out of heaven. To take this Pattern - caring only to be utterly poured out and broken to supply others - was brother Nee's prayer. May it also be ours.

Nancy Northrup

United States

"Let me pour wine, while I drink not.

Let me break bread, while I keep not"

The first line contrasts pouring wine with not drinking. It seems to me that it would make more sense for the second line to contrast breaking bread with not eating, rather than not keeping. "Keep not" doesn't make sense there in English. Maybe it got "spell-checked."

So: Let me pour wine, while I drink not. Let me break bread, while I eat not.

Mar Santos

Doha, Qatar

We sang in both new and old lyrics at the same time and the Spirit led us and blended us more. Amen.

Kevin Lee Poracan

Dipolog City, Zamboanga Del Norte, Philippines

Saints, it doesn't matter whether this hymn written by Watchman nee is in the exact lyrics or in revised should be in this hymnal.net. It's the matter of life! We're in the principle of right or wrong not in life. As long as my spirit touches life in this hymn and there's nothing wrong about the lyrics itself.



I have read this hymn when I was young, but not be touched so much until now.

"Learning You are my only solacement,

And let my life for others’ joy be spent."

We often expect to find solacement from many things or persons those are not The Lord Himself. May The Lord enlighten us that we can look unto Him alone and hope in Him alone. And we do not live to please ourselves but to please The Lord. Amen!

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

An earlier translation of this hymn. As others have posted, and I agree, this is more excellently written:

Let me love and not be respected;

Let me serve and not be rewarded;

Let me labor and not be remembered;

Let me suffer and not be regarded.

'Tis the pouring, not the drinking;

'Tis the breaking, not the keeping -

A life suff'ring to seek others' blessing,

A life loving and true comfort giving.

Not expecting pity and concern,

Not accepting solace and applause;

Even lonely, even forgotten,

Even wordless, even forsaken.

Tears and blood my price for the righteous crown shall be;

Losing all, my cost for a faithful pilgrim's life,

'Twas the life, O Lord, that You chose to live

In those days when on earth You walked,

Gladly suff'ring all injuries and loss

So that all might draw near and repose.

I cannot see how much farther I shall go;

Still I press on, knowing there is no return.

Let me follow Your pattern so perfect and true,

Bearing ingratitudes without complaint.

In this time of trial, O my Lord, I pray

that You'd wipe all my hidden tears away;

Let me learn, O Lord, You are my reward,

Let me be others' blessing all my days.

Marites T. Esparagoza

Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

Oh Lord Jesus...may our living always be under the cross for His glory!

J.m. Charis Malalis Tinoy

Cagayan De Oro City, Mis. Or., Philippines

PTL...the Lord should be our pattern day by day! May the the Lord have mercy on us to live a life without reasonisgs.

Sis LC

Auckland, New Zealand

I enjoyed "On this path of no retreating I am led." After spending 6 months in the FTT, I went back to work for the break. Now I find that my colleague who was also my good friend since university now lives a completely different life to me. We could have chosen to live the wealthy life they do, but we have been gloriously wrecked! Even if we take that path we would not be happy. We want to live for the Lord's testimony. This is a path of no retreating. Once, by His mercy, we've been captured by this vision there is no retreating. We are no longer able to live in a vain way again. Praise the Lord.