Utterly abandoned

Utterly abandoned
  To the Holy Ghost!
Seeking all His fulness
  At whatever cost;
Cutting all the shorelines,
  Launching in the deep
Of His mighty power,
  Strong to save and keep.
  Utterly abandoned
  To the Lord of all,
Seeking all His fulness,
    Answ’ring His dear call.
Utterly abandoned
  To the Holy Ghost!
Oh! the sinking, sinking,
  Till the self is lost!
Till the vessel’s emptied
  Broken at His feet;
Waiting till His filling
  Makes the work complete.
Utterly abandoned
  To the will of God;
Walking in the pathway
  That my Master trod;
Leaving ease and pleasure;
  Making Him my choice,
Waiting for His guidance,
  Listening for His voice.
Utterly abandoned!
  Through eternity;
My will never choosing,
  His it e’er shall be;
All my plans and longings
  Lost in His sweet will,
Having nothing, owning
  All things in Him still.
Utterly abandoned!
  ’Tis so sweet to be
Captive in His love-bonds,
  Yet so wondrous free;
Free from sin’s dominion,
  Free from doubt and fear,
Free from every worry,
  Burden, grief or care.
Utterly abandoned!
  Oh, the rest is sweet,
Waiting in His presence
  At His blessed feet;
Waiting for the filling
  Of the Host divine,
Who my inward parts shall
  Perfectly refine.
Lo! His Spirit fills me,
  With His presence sweet!
I, in Him, am blessed!
  I, in Him, complete!
Now the light within me
  Never shall grow dim
While abandoned ever,
  Living unto Him!

Layton, Utah, United States

Beautiful. Enjoyed learning it.