I am the Lord’s! O joy beyond expression

I am the Lord’s! O joy beyond expression,
  O sweet response to voice of love Divine;
Faith’s joyous “Yes” to the assuring whisper,
  “Fear not! I have redeemed thee; thou art Mine.”
I am the Lord’s! It is the glad confession
  Wherewith the Bride recalls the happy day,
When love’s “I will” accepted Him forever,
  “The Lord’s,” to love, to honor and obey.
I am the Lord’s! Yet teach me all it meaneth,
  All it involves of love and loyalty,
Of holy service, absolute surrender,
  And unreserved obedience unto Thee.
I am the Lord’s! Yes; body, soul, and spirit,
  O seal them irrecoverably Thine;
As Thou, Beloved, in Thy grace and fulness
  Forever and forevermore art mine.
Ken Harding

Sydney, NSW, Australia

What a beautiful expression of assurance to the child of God!

I've loved Him since my teenage years and He is more precious now than ever.

A verse from this hymn was quoted on our calendar and I just had to look it up.

Thank you for this lovely rendering.

Nene Ogbonnaya

Lagos, Nigeria

Lord, thank You that I am Yours. I truly belong to You. Please teach me absolute surrender to You. I love You Lord.

Dan Elkins

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Dear Lord, may my entire being be Yours forevermore. I give my body and soul and spirit to You right now, to love and honor and obey You for the rest of my days. Thank You for accepting me forever. I ask You to teach me all it means to love You as much as You have loved me. Take me completely, I am Yours.


I am the Lord's! Yet teach me all it meanth! Lord Jesus teach us how to please You. Constitue Your being with ours so that our living can express sontaneously that we are Yours.


Fremont, California, United States

Oh, how blest the thought...thank You Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. To You alone be all glory, power, and dominion now and forever more. Amen

Joyce And Michael Raftery

Boston, MA, United States

Yes we are in love with our dear Master. Oh who's like our Jesus. He's all we desire. He is the living God to us. He's the magnificent One. No one can match Him. He's peerless! O Jesus, Jesus dearest Lord, we love to say Thy dear name.

Randall Briggs

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

O joy beyond expression! Lord, make us wholly Your own in every way. No one deserves our love as much as You do. Be so romantic and win our hearts completely. Don't stop until You have all of us. We know You'll answer this prayer, dear Lord. Thank You so much, Lord Jesus. Love, Randall

Ivy Zhong

Beijing, China

I'm the Lord's! Yes, body, soul and spirit. I'm the Lord's! Yes, I'm His and only His!

Liliana Leira

Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

Hallelujah! we are the Lord's and only His!


Bratislava, Slovakia

It is very healthy to belong to the Lord and to the church! It is not healthy to belong to anything else! We love You Dear Lord Jesus!