Behold the Lamb with glory crowned

Behold the Lamb with glory crowned,
  To Him all pow’r is giv’n:
No place too high for Him is found,
  No place too high in heav’n.
He fills the throne—the throne above;
  Its rights to Him belong;
The object of His Father’s love,
  Theme of the ransomed’s song.
Though high yet He accepts the praise
  His people offer here;
The faintest, feeblest note they raise
  Will reach the Savior’s ear.
This song be ours, we join in one
  To celebrate the Name
Of Him that sits upon the throne,
  And to exalt the Lamb.
To Him whom men despise and slight,
  To Him be glory giv’n;
The crown is His, and His by right
  The highest place in heav’n.
Yuri Reyes

Oregon, United States

Lord he who is joined to Lord is one spirit!

Joanna Smathers

Baton Rouge, LA, United States

Thank you Ana Lara for the note on this song.

It reminds me of the propitiation cover with the Cherubim of glory observing the sprinkled blood where we can meet with God receive vision, revelation, instruction for daily living. Ex 25; LS 89

Francis Y Chow

Anaheim, CA, United States

Amen, this song be ours, we join in one

To celebrate the Name

Of Him that sits upon the throne,

And to exalt the Lamb.


Ana Lara

Storrs, Connecticut, United States

It has been said that “the Green Isle has never furnished a greater or more prolific writer than Thomas Kelly. ” Nor is it a question of quantity but of quality.

Kelly was born July 13, 1769 in Kellyville, near Athy, County Queens, Ireland. His Father was a judge and he was trained to be a barrister (lawyer). However thoughts of eternity pressed upon him early in life. This was brought about as he studied Hebrew. He was so deeply affected that he withdrew from worldly pursuits to study theology. He became deeply convicted to the point of being in great distress and began to punish himself through asceticism thinking this may lead him to salvation. His health greatly suffered for it! But soon the Lord led him to the truth of justification by faith and he was saved.

In 1792 Kelly was ordained in the Anglican Church. Because he preached the gospel faithfully, the archbishop of Dublin closed the pulpits in his diocese against Mr. Kelly. He left the Established Church to preach the gospel more freely. Crowds flocked around him wherever he lifted up the standard of the cross.

When he was about 30 years old, Thomas married his wife who became a great help to him in the work of the Lord.

He was a good musician and prepared a book for his hymns which numbered over 750!

In 1854 he suffered a stroke of paralysis while preaching, but lingered until May 14, 1855; at age 86, the Lord took him to a land where we “hear of war no more”. Someone at his bedside repeated “The Lord is my Shepherd”, and he replied, “The Lord is everything! ”

His last words were “not my will, but Thine be done! ”

D. Spicer


"Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world!" Thank you, Jesus, for being the sacrificial lamb who took away my sins and brought salvation to me (Hebrews 9:28).