The Issue of Christ being Glorified by the Father with the Divine Glory

Christ’s divinity’s glorious indeed;
’Twas concealed in Him as in a grain of wheat.
While incarnated, He was pressed, constrained
For the release of His glory within.
  Incorporation! Incorporation—
The issue of Christ’s glorification.
In our daily walk, we in Him abide,
He abides in us, we work as one with Him.
Christ was glorified, dying on the cross;
Glory was released—this was not a loss!
Spirit He became, for life-giving;
Last Adam is He, for His dispensing.
Resurrected, Christ thus was born to be
God’s firstborn Son with humanity.
Many sons were through resurrection, born;
The Lord Spirit, Christ, their being will transform.
We in faith were regenerated;
God and man thus incorporated.
This took place through Christ’s resurrection.
For His divine, glorious multiplication.
Three aspects of incorporation:
Father’s house for His satisfaction,
The true vine for His multiplication,
Child of the Spirit, for His move on earth.

Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Praise the Lord for His glorification in His resurrection! What a great miracle for man to be incorporated into the Triune God!

Let us be joined to Him, live in Him and work as one with Him in our daily living.


Saipan, Northern Marianas

Hallelujah for the divine incorporation!