I am coming to the cross

I am coming to the cross;
I am poor, and weak, and blind;
I am counting all but dross;
I shall full salvation find.
  I am trusting, Lord, in Thee,
Blessed Lamb of Calvary;
Humbly at Thy cross I bow,
  Save me, Jesus, save me now.
Long my heart has sighed for Thee;
Long has evil dwelt within;
Jesus sweetly speaks to me,
“I will cleanse you from all sin.
Here I give my all to Thee—
Friends and time and earthly store,
Soul and body Thine to be—
Wholly Thine forevermore.
In the promises I trust;
Now I feel the blood applied;
I am prostrate in the dust;
I with Christ am crucified.

도보, 말루쿠, Indonesia

Thank you for everything Jesus❤

Tony Munyui

Kiambu, Kenya

I first heard the words of this song at the Anglican Cathedral of St. James in Kiambu. They have really been a blessing to my heart.


Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Please help me Lord.. I need you.. humbly at thy feet u bow.. Save me Yeshua.. Save me now..

Thank you Lord for saving grace.. and cleansing me from my sins.

Carol Gann

Ringgold, GA, United States

I love these words. Help us, Lord to draw close to You

Nginga Murumba

Nairobi, Kenya

I had being experiencing hardships in trying to balance between my faith and worldly preasures but I found that mostly I was taken by the world. But not until I read this hymn that I decided to dedicate my life fully to serving Christ for it says,"I will cleanse you from all sins." Blessed!


Thank you Lord for everything I love you

Linda Mair

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Praise God this is what He wants of us ..... and causing us to want also


Nairobi, Kenya

What an awesome song.

Shadreck Mumba

Lusaka, Zambia

Indeed am going to the cross... dear Lord please help my life to grow higher and higher in You God.


Praise the Lord! Today I can say: I am on the cross! "I am crucified with Christ"! No more working, willing, or trying! For "it is Christ who lives in me"! Amen! Hallelujah!