Gazing up at the great sky

Gazing up at the great sky, I yearn to fly!
I try, but sigh, so lost in my mind,
The true way I cannot find.

Christ shines, as true light, guides my heart into flight;
Shows me man’s in God’s image, to contain Him,
And to represent Him, corp’rate expression bright.
(repeat these 3 lines)
  Eternal Word incarnate, Spirit became;
To transform us, life and nature He imparts.
’Tis God’s New Test’ment econ’my, as a great wheel,
Spreading to all earth—and I, too, have a part!
In this day, how blest are we, to thus aspire:
The kingdom gospel, as seed of life,
Hundredfold to multiply.

Let’s go forth as slaves, to disciple all men,
May He shine ever brighter, till that day when
Christ comes as King and through us is manifest.
(repeat these 3 lines)