Moment By Moment

Dying with Jesus, by death reckoned mine;
Living with Jesus a new life divine;
Looking to Jesus till glory doth shine,
Moment by moment, O Lord, I am Thine.
  Moment by moment I’m kept in His love,
Moment by moment I’ve life from above;
Looking to Jesus till glory doth shine;
  Moment by moment, O Lord, I am Thine.
Never a battle with wrong for the right,
Never a contest that He doth not fight;
Lifting above us His banner so white;
Moment by moment I’m kept in His sight.
Never a trial that He is not there,
Never a burden that He doth not bear;
Never a sorrow that He doth not share,
Moment by moment, I’m under His care.
Never a heartache, and never a groan,
Never a teardrop, and never a moan;
Never a danger but there on the throne
Moment by moment He thinks of His own.
Never a weakness that He doth not feel,
Never a sickness that He cannot heal;
Moment by moment, in woe or in weal,
Jesus, my Savior, abides with me still.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Oh that we may understand how helpless in our own fleshly strength. God is our salvation and He works out our salvation in us. That salvation is a death to self that the Holy Spirit must work in us, so that the Holy Spirit alone may abide in us. The Holy Spirit will fill us. Please don't let anyone deceive you to believe that Jesus died only for forgiveness of sins. He died so that we being joined to Him in His death, may have new life in Him as well (the first two lines of this Hymn tell us this). But this death with Him that we receive by believing it to be true, must be worked out in us by the Holy Spirit in our real life experience. The Holy Spirit will work in our experience a death to self. In my case, it has been a most painful experience as God must remove everything that once brought me joy in this world from my life, so that He alone by His Holy Spirit will reign in my heart. He who loses his life in this world shall keep it for eternity. Unless a grain of wheat dies it remains alone but if it dies it shall bring forth much grain.

Chimburoma Igwe

Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

I’m in pain going through bad times

No money for school fees no food broken pained but I believe that never a burden that he do not bear never a sorrow that he do not share every moment am under his care ❤️

James Smith

Mansfield, Ohio, United States

I tripped over this hymn this morning. I’m beginning to be aware of my experience of Him and see what Christ can be to me in so many ways. I come to Him each morning and He speaks to me and meets me where I am. I see I need him moment by moment. I also see how my desire changes overtime as a Christian. Here are some hymns that kind of show progress in a Christian’s life.

Oh, how glorious is that table Lord. Hymn 1112 We remember Him every Lords Table

Oh, I need the oh I need the every hour Hymn 371 We know our need is to experience Him every hour of the day.

Moment by moment, Hymn 486

We really have a walk with the Lord and desire Him who is so available . We long to stay with Him.

Abiding in the vine, Hymn 1162

Our ultimate state to abide continuously with Him and realize all His riches to us. This will happen in eternity.

Jim McClish

Alexandria, IN, United States

A friend of mine sent me this Song. I Love My LORD JESUS with All that I am and JESUS is LORD overall that he has given me. The LORD is my Shepherd I have all that I need Thank you JESUS for every breath I take. Jimmy 🙏🙏🙏❤️✝️

Jenny Farrell

Davenport, IA, United States

Tonight the lyrics of this beautiful hymn floated into my mind. The concept of deeply desiring a moment by moment relationship isn’t new—just growing in intensity these past few months. I sense an urgency to fully turn my eyes upon Jesus and to not look away. To be a living sacrifice. After Jesus gave His life for me, how can I give Him less?

I have walked with Jesus for many years, but now I’m seeing that I have held back parts of myself and huge swaths of my time, heart, and resources. God forgive me!! Time is short and He deserves my all. Lead me on.

Cy Wong

Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I first read the refrain of this song reading a book by Andrew Murray and searched for the whole hymn. What truth the hymn conveys! Reminds me of the parable that Jesus gave of how He is the Vine and we the branches. The sap from the vine flows to the branches moment by moment, continuously. Never a moment that the sap stops flowing. O for grace to always be living in union with Him, moment by moment!

Misty Shotts Harley

Columbia, SC, United States

Thank you!

Matthew A.

Anchorage, AK, United States

Going through a difficult time and being persecuted for things outside of my control. In the end I have to remember that these things do not matter. Companies and people that oppress individuals will always exist, but the love and faithfulness of God is everlasting. Remember in every moment, God is there.

Paul Sharp

Abbotsford, BC, Canada

God put these words in my mind about 6:00 a. m. today. I don't remember hearing them for 40 years or more.. I had journaled a day or two ago that "I need thee every hour" was inadequate. I need God every moment. God care and companionship in every moment is an incredible gift of intimacy!!

Br.Jeff Hall

The Church In Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

Emmanuel:"God With Us!" This hymn reflects how when we are abiding, His ever presence never leaves or forsakes us! He is always here and readily available, it's US that drifts in and out of our spirit. Praise Him for His Mercy and Grace........................................................... How Comforting!