The Love of the Truth

  Lord, we receive the love of the truth,
In an age of deep confusion.
Refusing the lie, Your truth we will buy.
We’ll treasure and cling to You.
I will not call the bitter sweet,
The dark as light, I will not eat
The idols’ and the demons’ food.
I choose to only love the truth.
That God exists I can’t deny.
I won’t be drugged by Satan’s lie.
I’ve touched the light, His presence true,
In Him, the darkness I refuse.
Though some reject the way they’re made,
The Potter’s hand made no mistake.
The Spirit in my spirit speaks,
The way I’m made brings life and peace.
Lord Jesus, You’re reality.
Your word brings light and life to me.
Renew my mind and heal my sight.
Be all my musing day and night!
Lord, in Your church we come again,
Beneath an open, crystal heav’n.
Enlightened, constituted to
Be built a pillar of the truth.
Jeremy Tan

Irvine, CA, United States

We’ll treasure and cling to You!

Nelson Liu

Irvine, CA, United States

Lord, we receive the love of the truth!