Let me love and not be respected

  Let me love and not be respected;
Let me serve and not be rewarded;
Let me labor and not be remembered;
Let me suffer and not be regarded.
  ’Tis the pouring, not the drinking;
’Tis the breaking, not the keeping—
A life suff’ring to seek others’ blessing,
A life loving and true comfort giving.
  Not expecting pity or concern,
Not accepting solace or praise;
Even lonely, even forgotten;
Even wordless, even forsaken.
  Tears and blood for the righteous crown
My price shall be; losing all,
My cost for a faithful pilgrim’s life.
’Twas the life, O Lord, that You chose to live
In those days when on earth You walked,
Gladly suff’ring all injuries and loss
So that all might draw near and repose.
  I cannot see how much farther I shall go;
Still I press on, knowing there is no return.
Let me follow Your pattern, so perfect and true,
Bearing all gratefully without complaint.
  In this time of trial, O my Lord,
I pray that You would wipe my hidden tears away;
Let me learn, O Lord, You are my reward;
Let me be others’ blessing all my days.
Patricia Salvador

We r pressings on w no reward but Christ merci


Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Let me learn, O Lord, You are my reward. Let me be others’ blessing all my days.

Peter Macdonald

Wellington, New Zealand

O Lord Jesus. I love you Lord


Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

The hymn always encourage me when I am week in serving the dear Lord.

Karin Forshaw

Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

In the Body of Christ and as lovers of Chrst we should not expect any reward. May we all be saved from self-pity for self pity is from the pity of hell. Our eternal reward is Christ Himself.


Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Lord,we love You! Thank You for such a pattern.

Sien Lie Lily

Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

This song always encourage me in very down situation. Never expecting anything, only to gain Christ as everything.

What a mercy what a grace to follow Him.


Newington, CT, United States

The Lord often reminds me of this hymn when I tend toward self pity. It is so deep and draws me back into the One who has no self only love flowing out. Jesus emptied Himself of all but love to flow the Father into us and us into the Father. Praise Him for gaining a vessel on earth that could write such a hymn.


Tel Aviv, Israel

Thank Him for utterance which touches the deeper, richer and fuller experience of Christ. May the Lord gain many, even those in their youth, that enter in to such hidden and pure service toward Him. In such a realm Christ is the center and everything and we are nothing. Unto Him be glory in the church...


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Will you be an Overcome? Will you make this choice? This song lived out is the life of an OVERCOMER. May this be our heartfelt prayer, for Lord, this is how You lived your life when you walked on this earthly sphere. WHAT A PATTERN suffering wrong, no resentment in return.