The Heart of God

In a time before time,
There was God; there was God divine
On His throne, all alone, in eternity.
But He had a heart’s desire!
And a counterpart required!
When this purpose had been weighed,
An economy was made
And concealed within the hidden heart of God.
With this plan, He formed man,
Who surveyed all that God had made;
But he ached for a mate, for a counterpart.
Man could taste th’ eternal yearning
That so long in God was burning!
Eve was built from Adam’s side.
Adam’s heart was satisfied;
And this story told the hidden heart of God.
But when Eve was deceived
What was pure fell beyond a cure;
Generations would slave under vanity.
Then to turn this age of mystery,
God was born in human history!
And the answer for the earth
Was that Christ so loved the church,
He would die to satisfy the heart of God.
So alone, this grain dies
But with joy to obtain His prize
And a life both divine and unbreakable!
He arises; powers hear it!
He will court her as the Spirit!
Blood and water from His side
Will redeem and build His bride.
She will satisfy the riven heart of God.
She’s alive by His breath!
What a life! Overcoming death!
Flowing in, washing sin,
Purging age away
So that He might sanctify her
By the washing of the water;
Adding beauty, adding health
To present her to Himself
Full of glory for the holy heart of God.
In a time beyond time,
There is God, now with man entwined.
It is done! They are one for eternity.
Hallelujah, what a story!
She is brought from gloom to glory!
The desire from the start
For a bride, a counterpart,
Satisfied inside the happy heart of God.
Marieth In Christ


When He breathed, she received

His divine personality,

Moving in, washing sin, death and age away.

So that He might sanctify her

By the washing of the water!

Adding beauty, adding health

To present her to Himself

And to satisfy the holy heart of God.

What a sweet hymn!!!!

Sylvia Cerda

Fort Worth, Texas, United States

I really enjoy the words of this song. We need to see God's heart for us as believers and for the church.

Allen In Christ


Gods heart from eternity past to eternity future. The first stanza touches Gods original intent in eternity past which is to have a glorious bride for himself. Hallelujah! the bachelor God planned and purposed in eternity past. For this purpose he created, he incarnated, he redeemed, he is sanctifying and he is preparing, he is doing everything in his power and wisdom to obtain her. All these processes he took on the bridge of time (stanza 2-8) just to gain a wife for himself. Hallelujah no one can stop him... in eternity future (stanza 9) God will have his hearts desire. The riven heart of God will become the happy heart of God. The bachelor God will become the married God. This is the story of the whole bible, God and man, man and God fully satisfied for eternity. Hallelujah

Lord we give ourselves to this wonderful purpose. Thank you Lord you are working in us, sanctifying us, and preparing us to be your dear beloved bride. Yes Lord you will gain her for yourself, you will present her to yourself glorious with no spots, no blemish.. no wrinkles, no pimples or any such things. Oh what a shame to satan. Oh what a Glory to God. we love you Lord! Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah!!!.


United States

Lord, just let us satisfy Your heart's desire Amen

Josh Carbunck

Cambridge, MA, United States

He is courting us as the Spirit. Giving life day by day, making us His glorious Bride!

Hallelujah what a story!


Boston, MA, United States

He breathed, and she received

His divine personality.

What a wonderful progression of the divine romance this song presents:).

Ben Findeisen

Cambridge, MA, United States

"He will court her as the Spirit! As the Spirit giving life. He will find and form His wife." How wonderful that Christ became the Spirit!

Chris Abraham

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“Though His death’s final breath,

Finally fell, He could not be held

For His life was divine and unbreakable.

He arises, powers hear it! ”

Sam C

Delft, Netherlands

How refreshing to sing the truth according to God's perspective!

Nelson Liu

Irvine, CA, United States

Hallelujah, what a story!