The Central Line in the Bible

In the Holy Bible
Is a central line,
Truths and revelation
Span the bridge of time.
’Midst the supplemental
And the “branch” or “leaf”
Is the Christ anointed
For eternity.
Christ in the beginning
Was the Word of God;
As a living person
Christ on earth did trod.
As the Word Incarnate
He is God defined,
So that by His speaking
Life and light men find.
Father, Son, and Spirit
Is the Triune One;
Mutually indwelling,
Father in the Son;
Enjoyed in the Spirit,
Accessed through the Son,
Unto God, the Father
All are joined as one.
God by His dispensing,
God’s economy,
Will fulfill His purpose
In His trinity;
From the loving Father,
Through the Son as grace,
In the mingled Spirit,
Is His dwelling place.
Christ is all-inclusive,
Firstborn of creation,
First in everything;
Son of God effulgent,
Bright, extensive, vast,
Christ, High Priest and Builder,
Is the First and Last.
Jesus Christ, the Spirit,
All-inclusive cure,
Is a compound ointment,
Life-giving and pure;
By His sweet anointing
All are sanctified;
For the church, the Spirit
Is intensified.
Living in the Body,
Body life is known,
Living by the Spirit
Christ is fully grown;
By organic union
Members cultivate
Body-conscious living,
Age to consummate.
See the Holy City,
God’s supernal goal,
God’s organic blueprint,
His eternal scroll;
Corporate reproduction,
New Jerusalem,
Bride of Christ presented;
Worship, praise to Him.
Mildred Quizan

Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

I like this song because this is the message in Fellowship Among the Churches in Baguio City and I can't imagine that in just a matter of months the message was converted into a beautiful song. Our God is really unlimited in knowledge, time and space. Allelujah!

Christopher Ablakwa

London, Harringay Green Lanes, United Kingdom

WOW! Brother Steve first taught us this song at our Thursday night home meeting in Central London. I'll surely remember all the wonderful times I shared with him through his songs.


Spokane, WA, United States

I thought that all the hymns had been written and that there was no need to write more. This simple tune and verse demonstrates that there is always room for one more song in God's heart.