Go, labor on; spend, and be spent

Go, labor on; spend, and be spent;
  Thy joy to do the Father’s will;
It is the way the Master went;
  Should not the servant tread it still?
Go, labor on: ’tis not for nought;
  Thy earthly loss is heav’nly gain;
Men heed thee, love thee, praise thee not;
  The Master praises, what are men?
Go, labor on; your hands are weak,
  Your knees are faint, your souls cast down;
Yet falter not; the prize you seek
  Is near, a kingdom and a crown.
Go, labor on while it is day,
  The world’s dark night is hastening on;
Speed, speed thy work, cast sloth away,
  It is not thus that souls are won.
Men die in darkness at your side,
  Without a hope to cheer the tomb;
Take up the torch and wave it wide,
  The torch that lights time’s thickest gloom.
Press on, faint not, keep watch and pray;
  Be wise the erring soul to win;
Go forth into the world’s highway,
  Compel the wanderer to come in.
Press on, and in thy work rejoice;
  For work comes rest, the prize thus won;
Soon shalt thou hear the Master’s voice,
  The midnight cry, Behold, I come!
Brenda Nembhard

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Perfect text for a perfect task. Soul rendering.

Tracy Smith

Isola, Mississippi, United States

Hallelujah! Come, Lord Jesus!

Bra Max

Accra, Ghana

This hymnal is a confirmation of the Methodist Church Ghana's theme for this year 2020, Discipleship.

Dr. Joseph Warner

Delray Beach, Florida, United States

I am blessed with the 2nd stanza. "Men heed thee, love thee, praise thee NOT." "THE MASTER PRAISES, What are men?"

There is a man from Accra, Ghana who is here in the US and a fine lawyer. His grandmother and grandfather were very active in a Presbyterian Church. But I don't see any signs of this young man's being born again or an interest in the things of God. Pray I will have opportunity to one day witness to him.


Hong Kong, Hong Kong

What a beautiful hymn. I was listening this morning to Dave Hunt and was convicted that I have not been faithful in winning souls for Christ.

But the end is nigh and souls are perishing. I want the Lord to say to me, "Good and faithful servant."

Paul Osei Yeboah

Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana

The turning point of my life. I have been weaping over the erring soul like Jesus wept over Jerusalem and over my wasted years of self centeredness.

I am grateful to Dr Horatius Bonar, the hymn writer.

Rev'D Fr Grant Essuman

Takoradi, Ghana

I always remember my charge as a Priest anytime I hear and ponder over the words of the hymn.. It energize me to do more for God as far as evangelism is concerned.

Henry Ansah-Larbi

Cape Coast, Central, Ghana

I always feel energized hearing playing this song.... the lyrics are so touching that it makes me cry in the presence of the Lord by the Holy Spirit....

Thank you for making it available here.


Accra, Ghana

This hymn is really powerful. Each stanza has a deep messenge and meaning. 'The Master praises, what are men? ' This is so encouraging. We are not looking for praise from men. God is the rewarded of every good work. Let's go on and labour for God.

Rose-Arthur Geli

Tema, Ghana

I woke up one mid-night to pray and in the course of my prayers these two songs dropped:

* 'Go Labour on spend and be spent..... '

* Hark the voice of Jesus crying who will go

and work today. And since then my life has never been the same. It's been all about soul winning.

I'm very grateful to the composer of this song. My calling as an evangelist was confirmed thru these songs.