Buried? Yes, but it is seed

Buried? Yes, but it is seed
From which Continents may feed;
Millions yet may bless the day
When that seed was laid away.
Buried! hidden! out of sight!
Dwelling in the deepest night;
Losing, underneath the sod,
Everything, except its God.
Buried, unremember’d, lost
So thinks man: but all the cost
God has counted to display
Life abundant one glad day.
Art thou buried? God’s pure seed
Doth thy heart in silence bleed?
Change thy sighing into song,
Thus alone can harvests come.
Zhou Wu

Auckland, New Zealand

Buried? Yes, Jesus, the true Hebrew rejected by His own kin. Buried? Yes, Watchman Nee, who received the rejected One, to whom Jesus gave the authority to become a child of God, because he had believed into His Name, born a sinner, but was faithful unto death, rejoicing in the Lord to his dying day. Rejected, forgotten, unknown by almost all of his more than one billion strong kindred according to the flesh, cruelly locked up and left to die by those without knowledge, not knowing what they were doing or what they had done. Of whom I was one, approving of the murder of all Christians, foreign or Chinese, for the sale of opium. Yet, today, I repent. This man was righteous. I was unrighteous. I treated him as an enemy, but he, though not knowing me and dying before I was born, lived, suffered and died for the sake of ingrates like me, so that even I, who's heart is often drawn astray by the perishable beauty of God's creatures, may be saved and to come to the full knowledge of the truth of the gospel. I repent in dust and ashes. May the fire of God consume me as a burnt offering. My life of sin must go. Christ must come. I am a sinner, born in sin, filled with sin and death. I have been baptised in water already. I await now the fire of God to consume all that's left of my profanity, and reduce me to the mingled spirit, which can finally join my Lord, that I may sin no more, in either my thoughts, my words, or my deeds. Amen.


Oslo, Norway

Indeed buried, but a seed to feed millions. What a life blessing. Praise the Lord!

Grant Commons

Romford, Essex, United Kingdom

How thankful I am one of God's chosen and called ones, beautiful seed of Christ, Amen.

Lennart Kohala


How wonderful it is to be buried with Christ to be broken so as to bring forth His rich life. Thank You Lord, for breaking me more and more!

Rebecca Berglund

Eugene, Oregon, United States

How could the writer know that her experience, so one with her Lord, was just as a little seed, hidden, buried in China, and that one day this little faith would multiply into millions of seeds of Christ, of which I am one! How grateful I am to that little seed!