Fight the good fight with all thy might

Fight the good fight with all thy might!
Christ is thy strength, and Christ thy right;
Lay hold on life, and it shall be
Thy joy and crown eternally.
Run the straight race through God’s good grace,
Lift up thine eyes, and seek His face;
Life with its way before us lies,
Christ is the path, and Christ the prize.
Cast care aside, lean on thy Guide;
His boundless mercy will provide;
Trust, and thy trusting soul shall prove
Christ is its life, and Christ its love.
Faint not nor fear, His arms are near,
He changeth not, and thou art dear;
Only believe, and thou shalt see
That Christ is all in all to thee.
Levi Coop

Wellington, Newtown, New Zealand

Having sought the LORD, turned to Him, experience a divine work of deliverance, unto freedom, joy, intent and determination, I am inspired to run a good race. I am athletic and when I run, this hymn inspires me.

Anita Hilton

Manchester, United Kingdom

This hymn helped me to get through a period of spiritual attack/warfare, but praise His name, through the Blood of the Lord I was able to come through victorious.

Lloyd Strappini


I haven't sung this for years, but can't ever forget it. Recently, it's been on my mind, for some reason. I just had to look up the words, and am glad I did. Thank you for this website, Thanks also to the late Messrs Monsell and Boyd for writing this wonderful hymn, and above all to the Lord for all His blessings!

Vj Evans

Cardiff, United Kingdom

Each stage of life and the race is supported by the tender understanding that underpins the confident strength of this hymn. Love it!


United Kingdom

The words of this hymn came to me on the way to our church prayer room like others I have not sung it for years and had to look it up Christ is thy strength and Christ thy right how amazing!

Leigh Powell

United Kingdom

This hymn writes something of spiritual warfare by the born again Christian.

But how do do people become born again Christians? What is the gospel?

The gospel is that the Lord Jesus Christ, who is God, lived a sinless life on Earth and died to take away the sins of the world on the cross, and rose again from the dead.

If we repent of our sins, especially unbelief, and believe the gospel, we shall be saved and go to Heaven ( Mark 1 verse 5, John 16 verse 5 to 8, John 3 verses 3 and 16). And all because of God's love to mankind, which was not just shown on the cross but also demonstrated on the cross.

Finally the proof of our salvation is that we tell other people the gospel (Romans 10 verse 9).


Lagos, Nigeria

I just found myself singing this particular hymn in my spirit over and over since morning and its not a hymn I can remember singing in so many years now. I believe with Him on my side in all the life's many fights, I am bound to conquer. Praise God!!!

David Bowden

Muckadilla, Queensland, Australia

By special request this hymn was played at our Remembrance Day Service in honour of a World War One Soldier who fought at Gallipoli and Beersheba.

Carol Campbell

East Orange, NJ, United States

Love this hymn , one of my top 5 favorite hymns, always renewed my hope and strength in God, love the older version better.

Derek Haffenden

Awoke today with this hymn (which I haven’t sung for over 40 years ) strongly in my mind.

In the very difficult and distressing circumstances my dear wife and I are contending with it is so wonderful to receive these inspirational and, encouraging words from The Lord.

I also note that it contains several scriptural commands

which with God’s help I must obey.

He is with us and for us.