We have this ministry

We have this ministry:
To teach and propagate,
To fight with Satan and contend,
Build up, and cultivate.
Empowered in God’s grace,
Commit all things we’ve learned
To faithful men, that they may then
Impart the healthy word.
We as good soldiers true
Entangle not ourselves,
That we may please the One who has
Enlisted us to serve.
Though all the race may run,
But one receives the prize;
That we’d receive the crown of life,
Control we exercise.
Some plant, some watering,
As farmers, cultivate;
Through patient labor we’ll partake
And fruit abundant yield.
As workmen unashamed,
Present ourselves approved;
Restore all men unto the truth;
Cut straight the holy word.
Teachers and soldiers we;
Contenders, farmers too;
In grace we’re cutting straight the truth;
In many ways we serve.