Tis easy when the morning

’Tis easy when the morning
  Appears at last to view
To praise thy strong Redeemer
  Who burst the bondage through,
But ’tis the praise at midnight
  That gives the foe alarm,
That glorifies thy Savior,
  And bares His strong right arm.
If thou wouldst be a conqueror,
  Yea, more than conqueror thou,
If thou wilt shout in triumph
  And claim the victory now;
The prison-doors will open,
  The dungeon gleam with light,
And sin-chained souls around thee
  Shall see thy Lord’s great might.

Baltimore, MD, United States

Thank You!!



I don't know how to sing this song but it encouraged me to claim the victory regardless of how I feel. It is the praise at midnight that will glorify my Saviour. He who trusts in Jesus is more than conqueror. The enemy cannot defeat us because the Lord has already done it all; we are more than conqueror's through Him who loved us and brought us into Himself by His work on the cross. Thank You Lord Jesus for Your death and resurrection and for Your most precious blood! We love You Lord!