Master, speak! Thy servant heareth

Master, speak! Thy servant heareth,
  Waiting for Thy gracious word,
Longing for Thy voice that cheereth
  Master, let it now be heard.
I am list’ning, Lord, for Thee;
What hast Thou to say to me?
Often through my heart is pealing
  Many another voice than Thine,
Many an unwilled echo stealing
  From the walls of this Thy shrine.
Let Thy longed-for accents fall;
Master, speak! and silence all.
Master, speak! though least and lowest,
  Let me not unheard depart;
Master, speak! for oh, Thou knowest
  All the yearning of my heart.
Knowest all its truest need;
Speak! and make me blest indeed.
Master, speak! and make me ready,
  When Thy voice is truly heard,
With obedience glad and steady,
  Still to follow every word
I am listening, Lord, for Thee:
Master, speak, oh, speak to me!
Speak to me by name, O Master,
  Let me know it is to me;
Speak, that I may follow faster,
  With a step more firm and free,
Where the Shepherd leads the flock
In the shadow of the Rock!
Patricia. Rolle

Nassau Bahamas, New Providence, Bahamas

This is so touching and mind clearing.

It tell God's children to listen to the voice of God. He will direct your path and lead you in to truth and give you directions when to speak where to go and what to do. It also tells you to not follow naysayers. Follow God and God alone. Amen.

Paa Yaw

Accra, Ghana

What a lovely Master. Proud to be a Christian.

Revd. Canon Prof Prince Anyim

Aba, Abia, Nigeria

My favorite hymn during my Sunday school days especially during children's harvest.

Olu Sam

Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria

My favourite hymn in primary school, I love this hymn so much!


Nairobi, Kenya

My old time favorite, glory be to God!


Nairobi, Kenya

Very refreshing to know that I can call the Master and truly hear him speaking saying ''This is the way, follow it.

Dr David

Nairobi, Kenya

This song reminds me that I am on a journey and am confident about it!

Esinam A.

Accra, Ghana

This hymn reminds me that the love of God is so great and as a child of God keeps me closer and closer to the things of God. I feel so emotional every time I sing it. I feel peace within my soul.

Kwadwo N Kankam

London, United Kingdom

This hymn refreshes my soul and reminds me that I must always cultivate a humble and willing spirit to listen to, and receive the word of God.

Stephen Kombe Nzai

Malindi, Coast, Kenya

I love this beautiful, beautiful song. Knowing and believing that God speaks to lead us is the whole of Christian life. We are the epistle bearing the spiritual cord in our hearts.