Master, speak! Thy servant heareth

Master, speak! Thy servant heareth,
  Waiting for Thy gracious word,
Longing for Thy voice that cheereth
  Master, let it now be heard.
I am list’ning, Lord, for Thee;
What hast Thou to say to me?
Often through my heart is pealing
  Many another voice than Thine,
Many an unwilled echo stealing
  From the walls of this Thy shrine.
Let Thy longed-for accents fall;
Master, speak! and silence all.
Master, speak! though least and lowest,
  Let me not unheard depart;
Master, speak! for oh, Thou knowest
  All the yearning of my heart.
Knowest all its truest need;
Speak! and make me blest indeed.
Master, speak! and make me ready,
  When Thy voice is truly heard,
With obedience glad and steady,
  Still to follow every word
I am listening, Lord, for Thee:
Master, speak, oh, speak to me!
Speak to me by name, O Master,
  Let me know it is to me;
Speak, that I may follow faster,
  With a step more firm and free,
Where the Shepherd leads the flock
In the shadow of the Rock!

Columbus, North Dakota, United States

Our Master does speak. He speaks throughout His Word. When we come to the Word of God, we must turn our heart to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit in all prayer.

We must love the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! We must love the Triune God, and when we come to the words of God with our heart turned, the Spirit, the Interpreter of the Word, will make known to us the Interpretation, which is Christ, the Word of God.

O saints, what unsearchable riches are in the words of God for us; for in every line upon line, precept upon precept the Spirit of Christ speaks to us.

This is the way of true blessing, and true riches. There are wondrous depths of Christ for us to unearth in the Holy Bible, as we diligently labor in prayer by partaking of every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God, which words are our spiritual nourishment.

"Thy WORDS were found and I ate them, and they became the joy and rejoicing of my heart." Such speaking, that is, the words of God, we must hear, and receive in all prayer and our joy will superabundantly overflow as the word of Christ dwells in us richly.

Yes, our Master speaks. Open your Bible today, and hear Him today!

Kevin Wardley

Newcastle, NSW, Australia

This Hymn reflects the utter devotion to the Lord which F.R. Havergal exhibited. It reflects the desire I have to serve the Lord. It is the least I can do, in response to Jesus submission, and servanthood for His Father, and to those who who treated Him with contempt....See Deut 15:15-17, Mathew 20:28.