Jesus, the name high over all

Jesus, the name high over all,
  In hell, or earth, or sky:
Angels and men before it fall,
  And devils fear and fly.
Jesus, the name to sinners dear,
  The name to sinners giv’n;
It scatters all their guilty fear,
  It brings them peace of heav’n.
Jesus the prisoner’s fetters breaks,
  And bruises Satan’s head;
Pow’r into strengthless souls He speaks,
  And life into the dead.
Oh, that the world might taste and see,
  The riches of His grace!
The arms of love that compass me,
  Would all mankind embrace.
Him as my righteousness I show,
  His saving truth proclaim:
’Tis all my business here below,
  To cry, Behold the Lamb!
Happy, if with my latest breath
  I may but gasp His name:
Preach Him to all, and cry in death,
  “Behold, behold the Lamb!”

Obehie, Abia, Nigeria

Soul reviving miracle. May God do it again in Jesus name.



Great song!

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

When Charles Wesley was preaching in Cornwall, England, a drunken man started opposing him. Wesley responded, "Who is this that pleads for the devil?" and he rebuked the man in the name of Jesus. That night Wesley went to bed thinking about the name of Jesus. This hymn he wrote during that night. -Great Songs of Faith by Brown & Norton

Stanza 5 in the original starts:

His only righteousness I show

There are 2 additional stanzas inserted before the above stanza 5:

O that my Jesu’s heavenly charms

Might every bosom move!

Fly, sinners, fly into those arms

Of everlasting love.

Thee I shall constantly proclaim,

Though earth and hell oppose;

Bold to confess Thy glorious Name

Before a world of foes.