Lord, Thy Name is called Jesus

Christopher Burk

Seattle, Washington, United States

Lord we treasure all Thy names! Amen!

Raphael Venter


Praise the Lord!!! hallelujah we can regain His love to our spirit!!! Jesus is the One who deserves the praise, and He is the One who can do anything!!!! I heard this song when we were in Anaheim for training center when I was about 6 to 5 years old!! Praise the God of the universe!!!!

Kwame Barima

United Kingdom

Oh previous Saviour, we adore Thee. Oh Lord, how we treasure all Thy dear names. Thou are called Jesus, Thou art titled Christ; God's anointed, Thou art also called Emmanuel; God with us, Thou art the Prince of Peace; One Who reconciles us to God, Thou art our Redeemer; In You is our salvation. We worship You Lord and will forever sing thy praise. Amen.