Lord, Thy Name is called Jesus

Lord, Thy Name is callèd Jesus,
  Wonderful is this dear Name;
Thou wast brought forth of the virgin,
  And the Son of man became.
Thou art our Jehovah-Savior,
  Saving us from all our sins;
When as Savior we receive Thee,
  Life divine in us begins.
Thou as "Christ" art also titled,
  Title of Thy ministry;
Thou art truly God's anointed,
  Even from eternity.
Thou, O Lord, art God's Messiah;
  God appointed Thee in love,
That Thou might fulfill His purpose
  And to all His glory prove.
Thou art also called "Emmanuel";
  "God with us" Thou cam'st to be;
God in grace is wholly mingled
  With our own humanity.
God in flesh is manifested,
  Full of grace and truth therein;
We have seen in Thee God's glory,
  And in faith partake of Him.
How we treasure all Thy names, Lord,
  How much they to us unfold;
All their worth and all their sweetness
  We in love will ever hold.
Precious Savior, we adore Thee,
  Worship unto Thee we bring;
Our Emmanuel we exalt Thee,
  And Thy praise will ever sing.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

John W

Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom

Our Immanuel we exalt thee! And they praise will ever sing!


London, Greater London, United Kingdom

As I was getting ready for work this hymn came to me but couldn't remember the hymn so I just hummed it. After coming home and eating the tune came to me again so when looking for it. The Lord reminded me ot was hymn 68 I came here to check and yes this was the hymn I was humming hallelujah! Lord Thy Name is called Jesus, Wonderful is this dear Name. Amen

Christopher Burk

Seattle, Washington, United States

Lord we treasure all Thy names! Amen!

Raphael Venter


Praise the Lord!!! hallelujah we can regain His love to our spirit!!! Jesus is the One who deserves the praise, and He is the One who can do anything!!!! I heard this song when we were in Anaheim for training center when I was about 6 to 5 years old!! Praise the God of the universe!!!!

Kwame Barima

United Kingdom

Oh previous Saviour, we adore Thee. Oh Lord, how we treasure all Thy dear names. Thou are called Jesus, Thou art titled Christ; God's anointed, Thou art also called Emmanuel; God with us, Thou art the Prince of Peace; One Who reconciles us to God, Thou art our Redeemer; In You is our salvation. We worship You Lord and will forever sing thy praise. Amen.

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