Thy name we love, Lord Jesus

Thy name we love, Lord Jesus,
  And lowly bow before Thee;
And while we live, to Thee we give
  All blessing, worship, glory.
We sing aloud Thy praises,
  Our hearts and voices blending,
’Tis Thou alone we worthy own,
  Thy beauty’s all-transcending.
Thy name we love, Lord Jesus;
  It tells God’s love unbounded
To ruined man, ere time began,
  Or heav’n and earth were founded:
Thine is a love eternal,
  That found in us its pleasure,
That brought Thee low to bear our woe
  And make us Thine own treasure.
Thy name we love, Lord Jesus;
  It tells Thy birth so lowly,
Thy patience, grace, and gentleness,
  Thy lonely path, so holy;
Thou wast the “Man of Sorrows”;
  Our grief, too, Thou didst bear it;
Our bitter cup Thou drankest up;
  The thorny crown, didst wear it.
Thy name we love, Lord Jesus;
  God’s Lamb—Thou wast ordained,
To bear our sins (Thyself all clean)
  And hast our guilt sustained.
We see Thee crowned in glory,
  Above the heavens now seated,
The vict’ry won, Thy work well done,
  Our righteousness completed.
Ana Lara

United States

W. Yerbury died in 1863. His ‘Hymns and Poems for Believers’ were published posthumously but without date. One or two hymns are in the hymnal of the ‘Plymouth Brethren’ including, ‘Thy Name We Love Lord Jesus. ’

Yerbury has four hymns in “Spiritual Songs”:

‘We Joy in Our God, and We Say of That Love. ’

‘Thy Name we Love Lord Jesus. ’

‘Thy Name we own, Lord Jesus. ’

‘ O Lord by Faith we Look Above. ’

These four hymns are often sung in the gatherings of believers gathered to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

John Julian’s brief account.

A Brother In The Lord

Our bitter cup Thou drankest up. Oh Lord I love You!

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

I like the internal rhyme in the 3rd and 7th lines of each verse.