Fade, fade each earthly joy

Fade, fade each earthly joy;
  Jesus is mine.
Break every tender tie;
  Jesus is mine.
Dark is the wilderness,
Earth has no resting place,
Jesus alone can bless;
  Jesus is mine.
Tempt not my soul away;
  Jesus is mine.
Here would I ever stay;
  Jesus is mine.
Perishing things of clay,
Born but for one brief day,
Pass from my heart away;
  Jesus is mine.
Farewell, ye dreams of night;
  Jesus is mine.
Lost in this dawning bright;
  Jesus is mine.
All that my soul has tried
Left but a dismal void;
Jesus has satisfied;
  Jesus is mine.
Farewell, mortality;
  Jesus is mine.
Welcome, eternity;
  Jesus is mine.
Welcome, O Loved and Blest,
Welcome, sweet scenes of rest,
Welcome, my Savior’s breast;
  Jesus is mine.

Benin City, Edo, Nigeria

So emotional... Jesus is mine.

Ifenyinwa Petronilla

Orlu, Imo, Nigeria

Always setting theGood Friday tone right and bringing u closer to the true meaning of the cross of Jesus Christ


Oko-amakom, Delta, Nigeria

It's the lenten season here again! When you ponder on the lyrics of the song, u will feel as if u are already in heaven with Christ. Jesus is mine indeed!!

Chika Anyachor

Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Farewell Mortality! Welcome Immortality!

So soothing... God bless the brethren

Emmanuel Yujika Ngo

Lilongwe, Malawi

Blessed song, good memories.

Brendan Emerenini

Owerri, Nigeria

A priest just used this song to call me back to God today. So heart touching...

Michael Ikoti

Abuja, Nigeria

This song is one of the songs that touch me deep into my soul. It always makes me think about my life.

Lerato Moyo

Johannesburg, South Africa

This song always takes me back to my youth days at City Centre Church in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Precious Jumbo

Wolverhampton, West Midlands, United Kingdom

When a Song does not touch the Soul, it's no Song. When it's a Song but does not touch the Soul, that life has a problem, and therefore needs "The Saviour's Breast". This Song takes my heart back to the Ocean of Divine Peace and Assurance whenever the world packs loads of problems upon my shoulders. "Sweet Scenes of Rest" can only be found in the environment where Christ dwells. Great Song👍

Maurice Ward

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Lord break ev'ry tender tie

Lord welcome me each hour to your loving tender breast