Jesus Bottle

Lord, fill me up past the brim,
Pouring in from limb to limb.
It’s Your love that comforts me
Deeper and wider than the sea.
  I am a Jesus Bottle!
I am an open vessel!
I am a gushing fountain
Flowing with Christ Jesus my Lord!
Lord I was blind; I could not see.
It’s Your light that shines through me.
Nothing can explain how bright
Like Your star that appeared that night.
Power that is a mystery;
It’s Your Spirit infusing me.
All because of God’s vast grace,
There’s this big smile on my face!

Richmond, United States

Lord fill me up!

Raul Ramirez

Arvada, Colorado, United States

I am a Jesus bottle! Flow from this bottle to other bottles in Denver North!

Willem Schutte

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States

Amen Jesus Bottle! Ptl for the Jesus Bottle!

Thomas Tilley

Fort Collins, CO, United States

Hallelujah we are Jesus Bottles! Enjoying the Crazy Lovers of Jesus messages from 1972! We are just God Bottles! A vessel is not made to be nice, humble, worshipful, or kind. A vessel is made to be filled! Lord Jesus! Fill us every day! If we're not filled we are meaningless!

Dasha Chong

Round Rock, TX, United States

I am a Jesus Bottle!