Gracious God, we worship Thee

Gracious God, we worship Thee,
  Rev’rently we bow the knee;
Jesus Christ, our only plea:
  Father, we adore Thee.
Vast Thy love, how deep, how wide,
  In the gift of Him who died;
Righteous claims all satisfied:
  Father, we adore Thee.
Low we bow before Thy face,
  Sons of God, O wondrous place;
Great the riches of Thy grace:
  Father, we adore Thee.
By Thy Spirit grant that we
  Worshipers in truth may be;
Praise, as incense sweet to Thee:
  Father, we adore Thee.
Yet again our song we raise,
  Note of deep adoring praise;
Now, and soon through endless days:
  Father, we adore Thee.
Jean Patience

Kolwezi, Lualaba, Democratic Republic Of Congo

FATHER, for all You are, for all You did for us, for Your wonderful plan for us, for forgiveness, for being alive, for being Your Son, for Your Son Jesus Christ given for us, for..., for... for all Your blessings, for what I can see and what I cannot see...

Father I adore Thee...

Millions and millions of thanks to You, my God and Lord.

Although all my weakness You know, I love You...

Elinor Gorton

Milwaukee, WI, United States

I discovered this hymn in a book by James Stewart, the evangelist/missionary. Thank you so much for giving me the rest of the words and the music. The hymn is such a blessing.

Barbara Felix

Miami, Florida, United States

Thanks to the Lord for all His gifts, especially His gift of this site, and this song. I am sixty and have sang many hymns, but cannot remember singing this one, but God has poured out such a blessing since I found it. He has also called me to note it to be sang at my funeral. No, I am not "dying" or "ill", as we know it on earth, but in truth we all grow closer each day. I have also been sharing the site and this hymn with others as God leads. So thank you His servant, for your service to Him.