Gracious God, we worship Thee

Gracious God, we worship Thee,
  Rev’rently we bow the knee;
Jesus Christ, our only plea:
  Father, we adore Thee.
Vast Thy love, how deep, how wide,
  In the gift of Him who died;
Righteous claims all satisfied:
  Father, we adore Thee.
Low we bow before Thy face,
  Sons of God, O wondrous place;
Great the riches of Thy grace:
  Father, we adore Thee.
By Thy Spirit grant that we
  Worshipers in truth may be;
Praise, as incense sweet to Thee:
  Father, we adore Thee.
Yet again our song we raise,
  Note of deep adoring praise;
Now, and soon through endless days:
  Father, we adore Thee.
Elinor Gorton

Milwaukee, WI, United States

I discovered this hymn in a book by James Stewart, the evangelist/missionary. Thank you so much for giving me the rest of the words and the music. The hymn is such a blessing.

Barbara Felix

Miami, Florida, United States

Thanks to the Lord for all His gifts, especially His gift of this site, and this song. I am sixty and have sang many hymns, but cannot remember singing this one, but God has poured out such a blessing since I found it. He has also called me to note it to be sang at my funeral. No, I am not "dying" or "ill", as we know it on earth, but in truth we all grow closer each day. I have also been sharing the site and this hymn with others as God leads. So thank you His servant, for your service to Him.