We bless Thee, God and Father

We bless Thee, God and Father,
  We joy before Thy face;
Beyond dark death for ever,
  We share Thy Son’s blest place.
He lives a Man before Thee,
  In cloudless light above,
In Thine unbounded favor,
  Thine everlasting love.
His Father and our Father,
  His God and ours Thou art;
And He is Thy Beloved,
  The gladness of Thy heart.
We’re His, in joy He brings us
  To share His part and place,
To know Thy love and favor,
  The shining of Thy face.
Thy love that now enfolds us
  Can ne’er wax cold or dim;
In Him that love doth center,
  And we are loved in Him.
In Him Thy love and glory
  Find their eternal rest;
The many sons—His brethren—
  In Him, how near, how blest!

Auckland, New Zealand

Love You Lord Jesus.

Dan Wang

San Diego, California, United States

Father God, thank You for sending Your only begotten son. Now we can be His many sons.

Gregory Morris

Penymynydd, Flintshire, Wales

Generally, this Hymn is sung to Holmbridge by JT Lightwood 1856-1944. It is in most Methodist hymn books and is #226 in the 1954 Little Flock Tune Book. Ewing is a bit of a plodder for this refined and ethereal hymn.

Ruth Burling

Northampton, United Kingdom

Alexander Carruthers was my great grandfather and I have learnt much from his poetry and hymns. They are a treasure to cherish. This is beautiful. Not sure if it was in the book of poems your father published, Kathy?

Kathy Clist

Auckland, New Zealand

Alexander Carruthers was my grandfather. If anyone would like information about the author of this hymn they are welcome to email me.


Fort Worth, Texas, United States

This hymn is very beutiful and enjoyable......I couldn't stop singing this hymn 😇

William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

Thank You we are not in fear before You, we can freely behold Your shining face!

Rita A. Thomson

Arlington, TX, United States

Precious to sing, brings tears to my eyes just imagine how my mother spoke about seeing His face, now she does in Paradise! Hallelujah!

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI

This hymn by Alexander Carruthers appears in the Brethren hymn book "Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the Little Flock." Except that he wrote this hymn, there is no information on the author. - Songs of the Spirit by Martin

Joselito Cua

Zamboanga, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

The hymn is so profound and full of worship to our Father God. It gives unspeakable joy and thanksgiving to the only true God, our Father!