Thy name, dear Father

Thy name, dear Father, is for Thee
Much more than just a title;
By Thine eternal life divine
’Tis living, real, and vital!
As Father Thou art shown to us,
Life’s source, origination,
Thou dost beget, and propagate
For Thy multiplication.
The riches of Thy life are seen
In children without number;
Now we, as those whom Thou brought forth,
Praise Thee: “How great a Father!”
To us the Son has made Thee known
Not in a teaching; rather,
By His imparting of Thy life,
We know Thee as our Father.
Though still we’re living in the world,
As long as we remain here
Keep, guard, and sanctify us in
Thy name, O Holy Father.
We many sons in life as one
Enjoy Thy name’s sweet flavor;
“O Father” is our corporate cry;
Such sweetness now we savor!
Now by Thy life and nature we
Are one with one another;
Our inner joy here overflows
In praises to Thee, Father!
Joyce Mira

North York, Ontario, Canada

Easy to learn the tune... Hallelujah! My inner joy overflows in singing /praising to Thee Father. Keep us, guard us and sanctify us in Your Name while we are still living in the world.